Our weaving process

In order to reach the stage where we can weave our cloth, there are a number of steps which we need to take. We begin by choosing our yarn and then make a sample warp to test out the combination of colours and design. We then calculate the amount of yarn needed to make the cloth and prepare the pirns for the warp. Next, we need to make the warp and wind it onto the back roller before transferring the back roller onto the loom. From here, we thread the yarn through the heddles and reed according to the design being used and then we are ready to start weaving! Once the cloth has reached the end, we hear the irons fall to the floor as they are released from the warp and it is time to shout ‘Glad Iron’! The cloth is now ready to be cut from the loom and sent to the finishers for washing, shrinking and cropping. Our cloth is now ready to be made into a variety of garments and furnishings from jackets and waistcoats to cushions, curtains and upholstery. Our process from handloom to heirloom is now complete.