Ready to weave

After all the careful preparation, we are now almost ready to weave. A section is woven in a contrasting yarn to the warp and this allows for one final check to make sure that there are no ends threaded through in the wrong order. Once completed, we are now ready to begin weaving. A number of pirns are now wound for the weft; this is the yarn that goes across the warp from left to right. The shuttle is loaded with a pirn and can now be ‘thrown’ by the ‘picker’ from one side of the loom to the other. The heddles are changed to create the next shed in the sequence and the weft is beaten by the reed to create the first line of the weft. The shuttle is then thrown back again from left to right and the process repeated. Hands and feet work in combination to a steady rhythm to weave the cloth and from there, the design of the weave now begins to reveal itself in the contrasting weft.

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